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Polisoft Design provides expertise in embedded systems with more than 20 years in the area of consumer electronics and industrial applications with a focus on (but not limited to) Solid-State Lighting Engines and General Lighting Control.

Solid-State LightingAutomation and Process Control
Tunable white and full color dynamic LED light engines
Intensity and color sensing for lighting optimization
Industry standard light control protocols – DMX, RDM, DALI
Light controllers and interfacing – hard and soft consoles
Sensors and signal conditioning
Data acquisition and logging
Signal processing
Control algorithms
Embedded Systems SpecialtiesCPUs and Microcontrollers
Rapid prototyping/proof of concept
Board Support Packages (BSPs)
Boot Loader Development
Real-time development
Communication Protocol Development
Embedded Systems Integration
Automotive and safety critical coding standards (MISRA-C)
Expertise in full project life cycle development
Technical documentation/user manual authoring
Embedded Product Training
ARM7, Cortex M0/M3/M4
Renesas Super-H, H8, M16C
Atmel AVR
Motorola HC08, HC12
Intel 8051, x86
Zilog Z80, Z180, Z8000
Real-Time Operating SystemsLanguages
Low footprint real-time frameworks
uC/OS and custom/in-house kernels
Assembly languages
Target Platforms and InterfacesTesting & Debugging
Custom embedded boards
Analog interfaces: A/D, D/A, op amps, filters
Serial interfaces: RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, SPI, I2C, USB
System interfaces: PCMCIA, CardBus, IEEE1294, GPIB
Lighting networks: DMX/RDM, DALI
Code debugging and performance analysis
System and interfaces troubleshooting
Processor and system simulators
JTAG, BDM and in-circuit emulators
Spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes
Logic analyzers
Protocol and bus analyzers