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The following portfolio contains projects that we contributed in various proportions along more than 15 years of embedded systems engineering. Not all the projects are in the area of Solid-State Lighting. Some of the companies mentioned here do not exist anymore and some of the products were discontinued and replaced by newer models. Nevertheless, contributing to all these projects in all phases of the life of a product and in a broad area of technologies enhanced our capabilities and expertise.

Projects are listed in reverse chronological order (the newest is listed first). Follow the links to find out more about each project.

Lexel Series of Solid State Lighting Systems  (for Philips Lighting)

NFI/IST Series of Touch Screen Controllers (for 3M Touch Screen)

Focus Indicator System (for Perfect Focus Lens)

Aircard Series of Wireless Modems (for Sierra Wireless)

Portable Gas Detector (for Aim Safe Air Products)

Energy Analyzer (research project)