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AirCard 575

The AirCard® 575 PC Card offers wireless broadband access from laptop computers to enterprise applications, streaming audio and video, and the Internet. The AirCard® 575 PC Card was the first CDMA 1xEV-DO terminal used to test the EV-DO capabilities of the networks of some major carriers like Lucent Technologies and Nortel. The card was never released to the consumer market but it was followed by the modernized version – AirCard® 580 PC Card – that introduced a new form factor, a new antenna design and the compatibility with the faster CardBus host interface.

Key features:

  • A powerful, cost effective 1xev-do engine that integrates easily into devices
  • CDMA 1xEV-DO next generation high-speed wireless data
  • Dual-band operation: 800 MHz and 1900 MHz
  • Supports receiver diversity at 1900 MHz
  • High-speed wireless data access up to 2.4 Mbps
  • Backwards compatible to CDMA 1xRTT
  • Standard 32-bit CardBus electrical interface for efficient power management
  • Rugged, unique form factor, built with lightweight materials
  • Simple installation and a user-friendly experience

Contributions to the product:

Written Specifications and ProceduresEmbedded Software Design
Hardware requirements and system I/O mapping
Functional specification
Firmware design documents
Host interface design motes
Code DevelopmentTesting & Debugging
Board start-up and boot-loader
Flash programming support
Host interface protocol (data link layer) for PCMCIA
Card information structure (CIS) library for multifunction PC cards
AT command interpreter extensions
Firmware upgrade tools
Firmware debug support
Exception/error handler
Host interface test and debugging utilities
Test application for evaluating the multiplexing capabilities of the host interface