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Gas Detector 600/650

The 600/650 Series gas monitors were designed for confined space applications needing accurate and immediate hazardous gas detection. They are configurable to a wide range of combustible gases and toxic gases including Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulfide for the 600 model, and also Nitric Oxide, Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide for the 650 model. The 650 model uses a menu-based software system to control gas detection, data storage, and data analysis. The 650 can store about 3000 samples of gas data in its non-volatile memory. This data is stored in one of the three memory formats – Incident, Interval, or Survey. Each one of these formats is designed to accommodate different sampling techniques. While the data is being recorded, it is organized into work sessions which are composed of a series of events – an event being a record of the time and concentration of each gas that each sensor has detected.

All models of the 600 & 650 Series have the following features:

  • Simple Operation
  • Accurate Sensors
  • Portability making it ideal for continuous personal monitoring
  • Quick and Easy Calibration using keypad commands
  • Security Safeguards that make it extremely hard for the detector to become accidentally disabled.
  • Rechargeable Batteries

Contributions to the product:

Conceptualization and ResearchSoftware Development Process
Gas sensor testing solutions
Signal to noise ratio improvements
Sensor calibration solutions
Overall firmware development process
Internal coding standards
Version control system
Bug tracking system
Written Specifications and ProceduresEmbedded Software Architecture and Design
Simulation/emulation environment specification
Sensor test bench functional specification
IrDA communication protocol specification
Simulation/emulation design
Protocol module design documents
Code DevelopmentTesting & Debugging
IrDA communication
Command interpreter
Firmware upgrade support
Windows SDK for gas detector applications
Communication support for a 2-way pager Interface
Diagnostic tools for R&D
Gas sensor testing bench
Remote control program for a gas detector QA system