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Lexel Linear

RGBA LED LampLexel Linear is a modular system driving a 48 RGBA high-power LED array, used for wall washing & grazing in the specialty lighting market. It has the ability to produce dynamic color effects and high CRI white light. It is currently used as the main component of Philips ColorWash Lightolier SSL luminaire.

Lexel Linear uses a single controller module design (the power supply is not involved in light control). The LED boards are interchangeable and available in two geometries: one row with 48 LEDs and three rows with 16 LEDs each.


  • indoor professional wall washing and grazing
  • replacing traditional CFL products in recessed, surface mounted and track luminaires
  • enabling scene and mood setting flexibility
  • creating dramatic light effects

Contributions to the product:

Conceptualization and ResearchSoftware Development Process
Dynamic light generation control
Light measurement and aging compensation
Thermal management algorithm
Overall firmware development process
Internal coding standards
Development tools selection
Version control system
Bug tracking system
Written Specifications and ProceduresEmbedded Software Architecture and Design
Hardware requirements and system I/O mapping
Functional specification
Simulation/emulation environment specification
T-Bus internal lighting protocol specification
Simulation/emulation design
Overall firmware architecture
Firmware design documents
Code DevelopmentTesting & Debugging
Board start-up and boot-loader
Device drivers
Non-volatile memory management
Real-time framework
T-Bus protocol stack
DMX protocol stack
Firmware debug support
Exception/error handler
Performance analysis tools
Diagnostic tools for R&D
Technical leadershipIntellectual Property
Training and mentorship for the team
Design authority and knowledge sharing
International patent application: WO2008/070981A1 (PCT/CA2007/002229)
Authors: Shane Robinson, Bojana Bjeljac, Duncan Smith, Stefan Poli